Mercury Mutual Fund


Mercury Mutual Fund

“Merkyruy” is the global open community of free people united by mutual trust principals, cooperation and creativity.

The emergence of such community is a natural response of progressive sober-minded people to the apparent inconsistency on two key conditions of modern life: on the one hand, the society performs the transition to qualitatively new stage of its development but on the other hand, the system of creation and management of the society is based on openly hostile principals and ideas toward the man.

Amid the global overproduction crises, the existing market-oriented economy, based on competitive activity, is outdated and inefficient system of wealth redistribution and is in need of conceptual transformation. The government faces the same issues: in its current state they not only don’t create favorable conditions for meeting basic needs and the realization the potential of its citizens, but, in every way, they try to limit their rights and freedoms.

The community “Merkyruy” by using rapid development of the Internet and new technologies, offers the alternative to the mankind — the model of society organization and fair wealth redistribution where each its member, not depending on its social status, occupation, level of competitive ability, religion and moral beliefs has an opportunity to create himself and his family stable and safe source of income; freely to put your creative potential to life in all spheres of life and realize any socially useful ideas and projects.

Mercury Fund

The community “Merkyruy”, more precisely “Merkyruy Mutual Fund” (hereafter Fund), is the main source which provides basic level of every participant needs.

The Fund was established as the alternative to already existing financial system, with the banks in charge, which instead of committing the function of convenient tool of storage, transfer and multiplying the means, became one of the controlling and punitive agency of the government;
getting the right to, without any excuses, prevent its customers to use freely their means demanding from them to provide each time: the source of their means, the justification for the transfer to third parties, the official confirmation of the legality of transfer of funds to your account, as well as objectivities when withdrawing your own means over the limit set by the bank. In the addition, the bank itself determines if your explanations are objective enough before allowing to use your own money!

“Merkyruy Mutual Fund” in contrast to banks, provides its participants with the opportunity to use allocated to them Fund means and share available means with each other. The Fund is formed for the account of disposable assets of the participants which they transfer to the fund into an unlimited non-reciprocal management. In return, each participant has the right to request from the Fund the means for temporary use which the participant agrees to return within a specified period. The Fund, in unilateral manner, determines for each participant the amount of funds potentially available to him. The Fund is not required to provide funds to any of the participant and provide the means to the specified participant, only if it doesn’t infringe upon the interests of other participants in the Fund. At any time the Fund, unilaterally in respect of any party, can change the size of the allocated sum, the period of use of previously allocated funds as well as to stop the allocation for undetermined period without proving a reason. For violating the rules of the Fund, as well as the fraud attempts or theft, any Fund participant will be deprived of the right to use the Fund forever.


“Merkyruy Mutual Fund” uses exceptionally crypto-currency, created on the basis of block chain technology, as nowadays it has the number of undeniable advantages in comparison to any other world currency. Such as:

absence of government, bank and corporations control;
secured storage and transfer of funds;
absolute anonymity and protection of personal data while performing payments;
minimum fee for transfers regardless of the amount;
the absence of inflation due to the systematic and limited emission;
the increasing confidence of the users in contrast to the total decline of national currency credibility;
more advanced system of protection against fraud due to the complete transparency of the transaction;

At this point the main crypto-currency of the Fund was selected Bitcoin, as the most reliable, widespread and recognized in the world. The Fund participants from other countries, please note, that the Fund isn’t liable for Bitcoin use in your country.