Mercury Global


Mercury - a global community of people, built on the principles of mutual trust and joint efforts to achieve the goals of each participant.

Mercury Global - is one of the community projects Mercury, which gives each participant the opportunity to create a basic cash flow, reach the level of prosperity and sustain it.


Mercury Global takes control of free funds of participants and redistributes them, using a unique formula. Each week of the available funds allocated to each of the participants, respectively, individual forecasts for each. Every Tuesday, all participants can submit requests for funds.

The basis for the project selected cryptocurrency in particular Bitcoin because this cryptocurrency shows its stability, reliability and independence for a long time.

In the future, receiving funds will be managed in other cryptocurrency to prove its relevance and reliability.


The amount of funds transferred to participants in the control of an individual determines his daily forecast (IEP) and the number of days of activation charges. For each currency, these parameters may differ. Conditions for Bitcoins: the minimum amount of participation - 1 BTC, daily forecast, and the number of days of activation charges for all amounts equal - 1% daily for 300 days.

Also, the numerous requests of participants, we have added a welcome means to control in virtual currency Perfect Money (PM). The minimum amount of participation in the PM - $ 100, and the daily forecast and the number of days of activation charges for all amounts equal - 1% daily for 300 days.


With the power of Mercury Global Systems and our partners, which directly provide a service car leasing, is now available to every participant buying a car at very favorable terms.

Standard Car leasing conditions of the program - it is an opportunity to buy a car for 70% of its price.
However, at the start of the program we agreed with the partners of the super offer:
From July 1 to 31 - you can get a car for 55% of its value!

Participate in the program are citizens of Ukraine, Russia and European countries.
Details tab, Car leasing in the Cabinet.


Monitoring the course of Bitcoins in recent years has shown that the high volatility and the possibility of abrupt exchange rate falls, he quickly recovers and stores the general trend of growth.

However, the risk of a sudden drop in the course of any cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, there is Mercury Global does not affect the exchange rate any cryptocurrency and is not responsible for the consequences of such changes.

Mercury Global has no obligation to anyone of the participants and does not guarantee any funds to any of the participants.

For violations of rules of engagement in the Community, any participant may be excluded from the project with complete deprivation of the right to participate in the distribution of funds.

Mercury Global reserve the right at any time without notice to change the conditions of the project.